No Long Term Contracts. Month To Month. Low Risk Pricing.

My Pricing Was Broken... So, I fixed it!

It was frustrating. I had hung up the call with a potential client. I blew it. No question.

I knew I could grow his business. HE knew I could grow his business. But I knew he was not going to become a client.  

What went wrong?  

Everything was going great. We connected. He knew, liked and trusted me. But when it came time to buy, my pricing was too confusing. I had fixed packages that I thought made things easier. And they did in the beginning. Even my world changes. Now, I had irrelevant service packages, non-specific services and unrealistic, long-term commitments.  

The crazy thing is my pricing had nothing to do with how I did the job. The results were always what the client wanted once we started working together.  

I realized that my success for them hinged on flexibility. What they REALLY needed changed month to month or even week to week. Successful strategies differ from one month to the next. Sometimes, a client needed more. Others less.  

That is the reality of sales and marketing today.  

I needed to make a change, so I did.  

Here is what I came up with:  

No Locking Clients Into Services & Packages  

Talent Branded's goal is to make sure that your business only pays for what it really needs, when it needs it. Because those needs change in today’s fast-paced environment. Your strategy has to be able to change to match the market.  

Commitment Free Zone  

Most of my clients stay with me long-term of their own accord. Why? They see my value. They see what I do for them. I didn't need to demand long commitments. I'll put my money where my mouth is. Everyone is on a month to month contract. Any time you don't think our relationship has value, you are free to leave.  

Low Risk Pricing  

I work with small businesses, large companies, TV networks (also large companies). Their needs, priorities and budgets vary wildly. And they don't fit into neat marketing packages or service bundles. To meet those needs, I had to do something bold. I dropped all the high, financial guarantees on all my clients. Instead, there's just a small minimum monthly fee to make sure I can provide essential services. I let my clients decide what they want to invest each month.  

What do you get?  

The basic needs of every business and brand are the same. You need a monthly Game Plan, tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business. I also give a monthly sales strategy call. I'm your personal own sales and marketing expert. Additionally, you get monthly content and social media reporting. We can both see if our strategy for you is successful.  


To get the flexibility companies need, I created a system called Marketing Points. Everyone starts with a set amount of Marketing Points. They can apply to any of a number of high performing pieces of content from our Services Menu. Need more services? We add more Marketing Points to the monthly fee. Don't need those services the next month? We scale it back down. Simple.  

No Hourly Rates  

It is my belief that clients should not have to worry about how much time is invested to complete each piece of content or service. The amount of time it takes to create has already been figured into the price of any deliverable. If it takes longer than estimated, then that’s on us. This way, your company is not being nickled and dimed by hourly rates. 

Now it is so much easier. I can focus on delivering great results and my clients can focus on growing their business.  

If working with me and and my team interests you I would love to have a brief conversation. I am not into hard pressure sales calls, or spamming you to death. Just a brief 15 minute call to discuss your business and how I might be able to assist you. Just click on the button below and it will give you access to my calendar and you can schedule a time that is convent to you. 


Damon Frank

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About Damon Frank:

Damon is the Founder and President of Talent Branded. He is an experienced salesman, brand strategist and marketing professional.  

He has had the privilege of working with the world’s leading information and lifestyle based brands, celebrities, entertainment properties, experts and businesses. He started his career in entertainment as an unscripted talent agent, representing and packaging dozens of entertainment properties, including The Dog Whisperer, Pawn Stars, Hotel Impossible. Damon worked with dozens of high profile celebrities and entertainment companies, structuring their deals and advising them how to create brands from celebrity. Today, he and his team manage high profile brands, guiding and connecting Talent Branded clients to increase sales and awareness through strategy, social media & &ontent marketing.

When not working for his clients, Damon spends time with his wife and daughter.

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